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Holiness to the Lord

There are many more mountain peaks before our eyes, inviting us to view them. There are high and jagged crags and there are those which are hiding in the shadows of the great giants. Here is one of the latter sort:

During the initial days of preparation for the new work a good friend came to visit us and said. ‘The ‘Bible House’ ought to have a name. Why not call it Bethel?’ ‘Bethel’ means ‘House of God.’ A lovely name. But was it according to the purpose of God, we wondered? And if God had planned that name for it how could we make sure?

We sought the Lord about it and committed the matter to Him. It was not a big thing, true. But our father takes an interest, we have found, in the little things as well as the big.

After some days we brought this enquiry back to the Lord. I then retired to my room and continued to lay this question before God, together with several other requests. However, I did not press for an answer.

Suddenly, my eye, as if by chance fell upon my ‘Daily Light.’ I took it up, opened it and read, in utter amazement, ‘Thou shalt make a plate of pure gold, and grave upon it, like the engravings of a signet. HOLINESS TO THE LORD.’

I shared this experience with no one until the evening. When we were alone I asked my wife quite casually, ‘Have you had any revelation as to what the ‘Bible House’ should be called?’ She looked thoughtfully out into the street where some children were playing and said softly, as if to herself, ‘Ever since this morning it seems as if someone is whispering in my ear: HEILIG DEM HERRN.’ (Holiness to the Lord).

I told her of my experience and we called the Bible House :’ Heilig dem Herrn’ (Holy to the Lord, that is, separated unto the Lord), and this is the name by which it is registered in our counrty’s official records: ‘Heilig dem Herrn.’ We also made a plate of brass and had these words engraved upon it.