Apples of Gold

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In Adam all Die

‘For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.’

1st Corinthians 15 Verse 22

My thoughts while reading this chapter have gone from the resurrection of Christ, to Adam being banished from the garden and from there to the seed sown in our own garden and the flowers now blooming in the early morning sun.

There seems to be more colour in our garden this year than I can ever remember. The warm, dry and sunny spell that we have enjoyed has brought Ann’s little garden to life.

If Christ be not risen then our faith is vain. Paul drives this vital message home by repeating it in this chapter. Perhaps there may be some who may not realise the importance of the resurrection of Christ.

Is Jesus your Saviour and mine? Did He die on the cross at Calvary? Did He die for sinners like me? Did He shed His blood? Was His sacrifice a perfect atonement for sin? Is He the only Saviour for sinners?

We may rejoice and say yes to all of these questions. Would that have been enough to save me?  What would things be like if He had not risen from the grave?

The death of Christ would have been in vain. A dead Christ is of no use to me. It was at this point that my thoughts went to Adam being banished from the garden.

What if Adam had managed to get to the middle of the garden and eaten the fruit from the tree of Life? Was it purely as a judgement that the flaming sword barred his way or was there a measure of love and mercy in the flaming sword?

If Adam had eaten, he and all his posterity would indeed possess eternal life. I would have eternal life, but as a sinner! I would never know mercy, or justification, or heaven, or peace and I would forever be at enmity with God. I would remain alive as a sinner in this body forever!

Praise the Lord for that flaming sword!

Had Christ not risen from the grave we would not have glory to look forward to. Our sins would not have been forgiven. It would have meant that His sacrifice had been in vain. The Father openly acknowledged the perfection of Christ's sacrifice for sin BY or THROUGH His resurrection from the grave.

The resurrection of Christ from the tomb was an open and visible sign from God the Father that He hath done all things well. Justice was satisfied, mercy and peace kissed mutually and the way to everlasting life was at last opened for sinners.

Let us yearn for resurrection power in our lives today that we may walk in newness of life, spiritual beings and not carnal.

A seed when it is sown in the soil must die, before it is quickened by God into life. If you sow carrot seeds you do not expect to reap turnips!

Christians believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God died in their room and stead on the cross at Calvary. We believe that through His sacrifice our sins are forgiven and through His resurrection we are also raised to newness of life. We believe through faith. We are born again.

We were dead in trespasses and sins. Now we are alive in Christ Jesus because He has quickened us.

If we may put it another way. Think of the old man as a natural seed. It is God's work to regenerate. The natural seed (the old man) dies! That seed being sown by God's grace is quickened to become a spiritual body (a new man). We are born again of the spirit of the living God.

Dying with Christ on the cross - the seed being natural - and raised to newness of life through the power of His resurrection. Sown as natural bodies, raised as spiritual. We are new creations in Christ Jesus. A brand new being! Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.

Think of it my friend, God the Father could not have adopted us into His family had we remained in our sins. Having changed us through regeneration He has made a way whereby He delights to adopt us as His children because we bear the image of Christ. Sins have been washed in the blood of Jesus. Put another way, we were sown Christless and raised complete IN Christ.

Please forgive me if you have difficulty in following my train of thought today, but I have tried to write it in a manner that I hope will be blessed to your soul. If we have indeed been raised to newness of life, let us follow the example of the flowers in my garden this morning and let us reflect the Son. The flowers that bloom this morning bear no resemblance to the seed that was sown in April! God has been at work, quickening that seed into newness of live. It is almost as if the flowers are lifting their petals in adoration of their Creator.

Has the Lord started a work in your soul? Are you being challenged by the truths of the Bible? When God plants a seed, He brings it to fruition. It may be a change from darkness to life or it may be a seed sown in prayer. We may be sure that their will be a performance of those things. Where God has begun the good work in us He will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.