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With her fiancé she stood under the big oak tree. ‘Tell me, may I write down how you came to the Lord?’ I asked. ‘And what shall I call you? – I don’t want to put down your real names.’

‘Call me Joy…yes call me Joy!’ The radiance of her face beautifully bore out the name she had chosen.

Well, Joy came to visit me, and asked in the native way in which only a young girl can ask her pastor, ‘May I visit you?’ I am free today – may I stay?’

She stayed and chatted of all sorts of things. She had been in my confirmation classes and choir, and I knew her well. One might describe her as a ‘dear happy thing.’ There is no doubt that she enjoyed the singing.

Now Joy, how did it all come about? We were sitting on the verandah. You were perched on the sloping side of the steps, your arms encircling your knees. And then-? I had to ask you whether you were born again. You did not know, and made no reply. Did I persuade you to give your heart to Him Who died for you?

No. Do you remember, I just went away and left you to be alone with the Lord? Perhaps you accused me of being cruel that day. But there you surrendered yourself utterly and unconditionally to the Lord and became a happy, well established child of God.

Then you confessed Him before men. Not so, Joy? Do you remember how they scorned you for it and became angered against you? But, Joy, the Lord has blest you and made you a blessing to many. Many think of you today with grateful hearts. Follow your Lord, Joy; be faithful even unto death.