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Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me

Psalm 51 Verse 10

The Lord spoke these words to me over 20 years ago and they changed my life forever. I had lived as a stranger to grace and to God for 25 years. Drinking, swearing with no thought of God or my eternal destiny.

The last words that my father spoke to me on his sick bed in hospital were these, "Iíll be all right in the morning". I thought that he meant that he would be better physically the next day. My father died at 00.25! He knew where he was going and he knew that all would be well with him in the morning.

For me it was a devastating blow.

I loved my father and we had had a wonderful relationship although he had been very strict with me in my earlier years. His death started me thinking about where he had gone and what happened to us after death. I had not been in church for years, however when it was announced that there would be special evangelistic meeting to be held in Garrabost church, I decided that I would attend.

I was only able to attend the one meeting. It was not the one that I had intended to go to, however it would do! I never heard much of the service that the minister preached, however when he read out the words of the final Psalm, I heard not the preachersí voice but Godís.

I went home, told my mother that I was going up to my room to read my Bible. I read and read, day after day simply because this Book was alive and I was hungry for the Bread of Life. I found peace with God six months later, but that is another story. I can honestly say today, that I love my Lord more today than I ever did. I commend this same Jesus to you today, He is my Best Friend.