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The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust

Ruth Chapter 2 Verse 12

Six of us had left the Island of Lewis in a three-lorry convoy heading with aid to Romania. We stopped at Ballinluig for fuel and for our main meal of the day. I had just bowed my head in prayer asking Godís blessing on our food when a young man came over to our table and stood silently until I had finished.

We had never met this young man, however he had seen our Blythswood vehicles pull into the car park and he was interested in doing aid work himself. We instructed him to get in touch with the Blythswood office in Lochcarron where they would take his name and details, and no doubt put him on the driverís list for future trips. He left and that was the last that we saw of him.

We each enjoyed our meal and our short break. Time to head south, only 2300 more miles to go! I went to the counter to pay for our meals, only to be told that they had already been paid for! Godís ravens still fly!


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