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For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard

Acts Chapter 4 Verse 20

I met Gavrilla in Rimona’s flat in Cluj. He had no work and he spent his days travelling from railway station to railway station, criss-crossing Romania and preaching the gospel in each station. He would play the accordion for a while thereby gaining his audience’s attention. He then proceeded to tell them about Jesus.

He lived by faith without an income. He would turn up at a Christian’s home in whatever town he was in, and they would gladly provide a meal for him. Today it was Cluj station and Rimona’s flat for lunch!

He had no English, and my Romanian at that time would probably buy me a tin of corned beef if I had asked for a cup of coffee!

For the space of an hour we chatted happily to each other! He would point to a passage of Scripture in his Romanian Bible and I would look it up in my English Bible. I would then return the compliment!

It was a special meeting for both of us.

Gavrilla now has his annual train ticket paid for him each year as I came face to face with a man who could not but speak of the things which he had seen and heard!