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The Lord before whom I walk will send His angel with thee and prosper thy way

Genesis Chapter 24 Verse 40


We had been travelling across Europe for four days and nights. We had only had one nights sleep and we were absolutely exhausted. We had reached the town of Iasi on the East coast of Romania at ten o’clock at night. I had been in Iasi once before but I was lost this time in the centre of the city! I had driven around in circles for the best part of an hour before pulling into an alleyway. I was exhausted and at the end of my tether, we all were.

The three of us cried out to the Lord for help, in silent anguish.

Out of the darkness came this young man wearing a black leather jacket. I rolled down the window and asked if he could direct us to this certain hotel that we had been searching for.

He spoke no English, however he must have understood the name of the hotel. He jumped into the passenger seat and started giving me directions. I knew the Romanian for left, right and straight ahead. We travelled for miles following his monosyllable directions.

We began to wonder if we were being hijacked!

Stop! He thumped both of his hands on the dashboard.

We parked the van in a car park and there facing us across the busy street was the hotel we had been searching for. We all got out of the van and I went to pay the man and thank him for his kindness, but he had disappeared.

Romanian streets are long, broad and very straight yet he was nowhere to be seen. We were absolutely stunned! Surely God had provided an angel to prosper us on our way. The three of us will never forget the angel in the black leather jacket.

(I met the Leonard Family on my first trip to Romania. They were Missionaries working in Iasi. Brian is Welsh, his wife - next to him - Jeannette is Dutch and Pat their assistant is Irish!)