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And He must needs go through Samaria

John Chapter 4 Verse 4

At last, the Romanian border!

We were at least 12 hours behind schedule, which was most frustrating when our time was so precious. Did God not realise that we had given up our annual leave for this aid trip and these delays meant wasted time!

God never wastes time!

As we waited in the long queue, I started talking to a Romanian girl who was in the rear of her friendís car that was parked beside out lead vehicle. Rimona was returning from a short break in Hungary. She noticed the text John 3:16 on the side of our vehicle and asked where we were from. Having told her where we had travelled from, I asked her if she was a Christian.

She wanted to be but she was not one yet!

She helped us get through customs and immigration control and she asked us to call at her flat in Cluj the following day for lunch. Rimona told us at lunch the following day that she had lost her Passport at the border the night before because she had helped us. She was now ĎPersona non gratisí.

We parted and headed East towards Iasi but promised Rimona that we would call on our return if we had time. We did and on parting for home I promised to write to her. Through the following correspondence Rimona started to seek the Lord and found Him later that year! You see I wasnít 12 hours late; I was in perfect time according to Godís timetable.

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