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The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want

Psalm 23 Verse 1

I remember being in a leperís house in Romania, in the leper village of Tichilesti. The house consisted of one room. On a sofa there was what looked to me like the mutilated corpse of an old woman. Our interpreter shouted at the old woman, told who we were and where we had come from.


Slowly but surely the old woman struggled to raise herself from her lying position to a seated position. Her eyes had rotted away leaving just a crust beneath her eyelids. Both of her legs were missing just below the knee. Her stumps were covered with dark grey and brown bandages, the wounds were still oozing and her bandages were soiled.

She only had a couple of fingers on either hand. She had lived as a leper for over forty years! Forty years in extreme pain, no medicines, no doctors, no relief. This woman was a Christian. (Her photo is above). The smell of decaying flesh was overpowering. This womanís witness and love for Jesus was probably the most remarkable that I have ever witnessed.

She started singing Psalm 23 in Romanian as a greeting to her brothers in Christ from Scotland. All she could see was the love that God had for her. That He would send two brothers over 2500 miles to her home with a couple of pillows and a box of groceries!

She felt blessed beyond words, as no foreigner had ever visited her home.

A photograph on the wall showed what a beautiful young woman she had been before the disease of leprosy had set in. All she was waiting for was God to take her home. I visited her the next time I went to Romania, but she had already gone to the haven that she had desired to see. No more pain, no more sorrow, no more corruption and God Himself wiping every tear from her eyes.

If you have troubles, pain or sorrow in your life today, then take this Word of God with you and you shall want nothing. I learned more about Christian living on my visits to the leper colony than I have from decades of sound pulpit preaching.


Here are some of the Christian friends that I made at the Leper colony in Tichilesti, Romania. Stefan (second photo from the left) is the Elder in the little church at Tichilesti and as you can see he has lost the ends of his fingers and he has difficulty turning the pages of his Bible. The woman on the left has terrible swelling in her feet and only a pair of old size 12 working men's boots would fit her! Maria in the centre is blind, has lost a number of fingers and both feet. Daniel on the right is also blind and hard of hearing.


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